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About Axiometrics International
Ai is a Nashville, Tennessee based company with a 30 year history focused on the vision of providing a pathway to the science of Axiology. Inherent in this mission, is the continual demonstration of the validity and usefulness of Axiology on a practical level. Our goal is to deploy Axiology and its application on a global scale. This is achieved through the exclusive marketing of products and services based on the science of Axiology and its offspring, Axiometrics®; the mathematical extension of Axiology that is proprietary to Ai.

Ai is Unique
Ai is unique in the marketplace, not only because of the technology we’ve developed that allows the generation of enhanced Axiology based reports, but also because of our systems approach to human devlopment. Our solutions encourage common language, are data driven, and employ state of the art technology that ensures all information is maintained and correlated in centralized databases. The user is subjected to only one simple profile experience, yet the analysis and reports produced are able to serve multiple functions (i.e. screening, development) while also supporting multiple applications (i.e. sales, customer service, management). In addition, Ai products and services address the needs of individuals as well as all types of businesses and organizations.

The Benefits of the Ai System
Through the disciplined use of Ai’s system of applying Axiology to hiring and developmental processes, clients can experience significant benefits in the following areas;
  • Reduced costs associated with hiring and turnover
    • Hiring right the first time means fewer interviews and reduced costs associated with training and administration
    • Easily accessable and simple to use testing streamlines hiring processes
    • Centralized database ensures additional analysis is easily provided without retesting
  • Improvements in productivity and customer satisfaction
    • Identification of employee talents and patterns of success lead to best practices
    • Identification and reduction of talent blocks, stressors, and patterns of failure
    • Employee talent correctly placed yields increased sales and better customer service
  • Improvements in business environment and organizational culture
    • Employees develop respect, strengthen commitments to common bonds, and reduce prejudices
    • Employees are highly motivated to excellence
    • Employees experience increased team synergy and reduced stress levels
With Ai’s revolutionary products we are firmly committed to our client’s success and satisfaction. That is why we say with confidence, and firmly believe, that we are “Changing the World... and the Future”.


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